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Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Star Artist's Week - DISCOUNT and GIVEAWAY: Yolki

Today's post is delightfully special. Yolki Home Decor's Gem Bird is just getting started on Etsy, and is off and running with a sweet and feminine line of lovely accessories for the home. Her work is impressively cohesive and has a delightful blend of easy sophistication and playful craftiness. your support for a new kid who is sure to make her name on Etsy in no time!


Name: Gem Bird
Business: Yolki Home Decor


What do you love about your work?
I love being able to offer people the opportunity to make their homes as individual as they are. Our homes are the one place we can be completely ourselves without outside influence; naturely, its the place we feel at our most comfortable and the place we're most likely to fill with our history and personal style. Being able to design and create items that I know people have chosen to include in these very personal spaces is amazing to me; I couldn't ever make anything that I wouldn't love to have in my own 'ideal' home so the fact that my products are going towards making someone else's home complete is so satisfying for me.
What's the best gift you've ever been given?
Ooh, this is a hard one; 27 years equates to a lot of wonderful gifts! On a life affirming level I'd have to say my son was the best gift I could ever have hoped for; and without him I doubt I would ever have had the courage or opportunity to turn my dream into reality (hence the name 'Yolki'; this is my son's nickname as he was just a small yolk of a thing when I first saw him!). On a less twee note I'd have to say that my best gift is the beautiful cake stand a close friend recently presented me with; it doesn't sound like a particularly significant gift I know, but it's the first step in my aim to become a domestic goddess!

What do you do to make your customers feel special?

As I've mentioned, I hope that my customers choose to shop with Yolki because they find some personal connection with the pieces I create. My ideal design is one that is created with a specific individual and scheme in mind and I would always encourage customers to approach me with their personal preferences; I'm continously updating my stock of vintage fabric and I'd love to match the patterns and prints I've chosen to the person who would appreciate them the most. I'm also very excited to be working on an exclusive special gift for my customers but the design is still in progress so I won't say too much yet!

What are you working on to make your work stand out this holiday season?
Currently, I'm working on some more designs inspired by a vintage book of stunning 1950's Norwegian patterns I came across; I like to work with silhouettes, outlines and statement motifs and I adore the bold simplicity of the Norwegian style. I'm also working on a range of customizable items with a slightly secretive twist... 
What do you want people to know about you / your work?
I think the most important thing I'd like to convey about my work is that it has no boundries or constraints; I have a fleeting imagination and I can't help being intrigued by new techniques and experimenting with different materials, styles and techniques. I'm happy to admit that my preference is towards the more eclectic side of home decor; I don't think that we can ever pigeon-hole ourselves into one particular interior 'style' as we have so much history to convey in our choices of home accessories. I design, create and source items that mean something to me; and I hope that they will also mean something to my customers.
What's your favorite thing about the holidays?
I'm afraid that I'm a typical Brit when it comes to Winter and I do love to complain about the weather... but in truth this is actually the most endearing time of the year for me as far as the 'great outdoors' goes. Waking up and stepping outside into a frosty morning with the sun shining is one of the most beautiful things I've ever encountered; everything appears so sharp and clear against it's frosted background and its that stark contrast which makes you appreciate all of the little wonders of nature that get lost in the haze of Summer.

Discount offered: 20% discount (excluding shipping)

Discount code: 29112010

Giveaway Item: Birdcage Cushion / Pillow (the one on the photo) -

To win the Giveaway: Head over to Gem's  Etsy shop. Come back and tell us (in the comments section) which one of her amazing items would make a great gift for someone in your life, and why. Make it good, we judge on how fab your story is!

Giveaway and discount expire:  12.11.2010


Lee said...

I laughed and laughed at - - PERFECT for my brother as we are scandinavian and we send him anything with "bunnies" on it! Long story about the bunnies - Short version - grown man a professor - out on an audubon trip for research and yells to all "look at the field filled with bunnies!" Thanks for the lovely giveaways. I love her site full of great items!

mamipdx said...

The Skyhigh Cushion / Pillow (Newsprint on Mustard) would be the ideal gift for my tween daughter. She is a writer, and I am always telling her that her words can take her anywhere- that she should write daily- about anything and everything and nothing. Her words- her thoughts- her ideas- are the wings that will fly her into the future. This pillow embodies that sentiment.
divertida at fastmail dot fm

Amanda said...

I would give the "Petals (Cream on Sea Green)" to my mother. My husband and I recently moved far, far away from my parents and family and it has been so hard. Talking to my mom on the phone [almost] every night has been the most important thing in the world for me during the last few months. This piece would help me tell her how important she is to me and what a lovely person that she is. She has truly become my best friend.

amanda.brekhus at gmail dot com

jhitomi said...

The Grazing Deer would be great for my neighbor. Where we live, we have lots of families of deer. They wander from house to house, eating our carefully planted trees, plants, flowers, even the so-called deer proof ones. We all love them anyway, especially the adorable fawn that we welcome every spring. This year we had to hire someone to erect a sturdy fence around our beautiful dogwood tree.

Because of our love-hate relationship with this animal, my neighbor would appreciate this sweet piece of loveliness.
jhbalvin at gmail dot com