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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All Star Artist's Week - DISCOUNT and GIVEAWAY: Carrie Bilbo Jewelry

I am a sucker for things made out of metal, and I am a sucker for amazing handmade jewelry. So...  I am a BIG sucker for Carrie Bilbo's work. In short, it rocks a LOT, and apparently, you all thought so to because her feature last year was a huge hit.

It is my great pleasure to present Ms. Carrie Bilbo and her amazing designs.

Name: Carrie Bilbo
Business: Carrie Bilbo Art Jewelry

What do you love about your work?
I love that my work is not just a piece of cheap jewelry or accessory. It is a handmade piece of art work,  a wearable sculpture that is made completely by me, the artist. I also love the feeling and joy I get from making a new piece that I think is really great or sometimes even the sense of accomplishment I get. Once and a while when I do a really difficult technique or piece of work and it is finished, I am honestly impressed with myself. That feeling is one of the feelings that keeps me going, because owning my own business can get pretty hard, stressful, and lonely at times.

What’s the best gift you have ever been given?
Although I am very thankful for all of the jewelry tools that have been given to me as gifts over the past few years, I can't really think of any gift off the top of my head that could be given quite the title of "best gift ever".  So instead I will name a memorable christmas/ christmas gift. One Christmas maybe when I was maybe 6 or so, my two best friends and I really wanted these Magic Nursery Triplet dolls for Christmas. They just seemed like the coolest things in the world from the commercials. Then Christmas came and of course I got them. Then my family and I went over my two best friends' house for Christmas dinner and I show up at the door with my triplets, in their little carrier, around my waist (like a fanny pack). I come in to the house and both my friends got them too and had the carriers around their waists as well. We wore them all of Christmas day and probably for the next month straight. It must have been a pretty funny sight to see, but I remember those little triplet dolls being the coolest things ever. My two best friends and I still talk about them and that Christmas.

What do you do to make your customers feel special?
I would say one thing I do is communication. I send emails thanking them for their order and double checking sizes and such. I get a lot of questions and special requests too,  so I think having that open line of communication between the buyer and seller makes it a more personal experience and that they are buying from an artist and not a machine. I do a lot of custom work as well, so when I do that I am always communicating back and forth very thoroughly so the customer gets exactly what they are looking for.

What are you working on to make your work stand out this holiday season (feel free to add pics of new items here)?
Idk about stand out, but I have been and will continue to add a lot of new items, mostly from my new collection, "The Twentyten Collection." Then I will be running some sales here and there on pieces up until Christmas as well.

What do you want people to know about you and/or your work?
That it is real, and will last forever. I feel most of my work is very timeless in design as it is, but also it is a very well crafted piece of art and will last. Every step of the process of my jewelry is me; From the design of the piece, to the design of my logo, to the making of the piece, to the sales, packaging, and shipping of the piece. When you buy one of my pieces of jewelry you are buying from the artist and are buying a well crafted piece of art. This is not a big company to where the design is stolen from an artist, then changed 11%, sent off to China, sent back to the US, and then sold at a 500% markup. My work is art and it is real,  it will last forever.

*Bonus Question*: What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?
I guess that is brings people together. Going home, back to Cincinnati, and getting to see my family and friends. Also making cookies and delicious sweet items ( I have a huge sweet tooth), and then stuffing your face with them for a few days with no judgement. lol…

Discount Offered: 20% off
(Valid until 11/8/10)
Discount Code: tosenasplendida (good in her Etsy shop)
Giveaway Item(s): Bark Ring (like the one to your right... worth $200!)

To win the Giveaway: Head over to Carrie's Etsy shop. Come back and tell us (in the comments section) which one of her photographs would make a great gift for someone in your life, and why. Make it good, we judge on how fab your story is. We are looking to lift spirits people...bring on the happy holiday-ness!

Giveaway and Discount Ends: 12/8/10


Lee said...

I love the jewelry! I would love to get the spider ring (not for me!) for my daughter away at college - we miss each other! She always says - quit killing the spiders - I hate them - she loves them. When they are in the house she picks them up and moves them outside to a new home. She could wear this ring and think of me! I would love that - she would love that! thanks!

Em said...
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Maya said...

Every piece of Carrie's is gorgeous... but I would love to gift the bark ring to my Mum. She's a huge fan of unique, handmade jewellery (especially rings) and she spends her life in the garden. She's lives about 8 hours away, but inevitably when we talk on the phone she spends her time describing any new plants or backyard projects she's attempting. A bark ring for a green thumb; a match made in heaven!

Catherine said...

Wowza - - those rubber pieces make my heart flutter.

As far as gift giving, Carrie's spider ring would be an INCREDIBLE gift for my sister in law. Spiders are special to her, representing to her the strength she had to overcome "bites" in life. She would be floored (and I would be envious) if the spider ring showed up in her stocking.

Rene said...

I would love to win this bark ring for my dear Canuck cousin, Emily! One of my fondest memories is the time she and I took Patches the old farm pony for a ride back through the woods, to discover the "secret" maple tree grove where sticky sap was transformed into the amber ambrosia that is maple syrup! Every time she glanced at her hand, she would be reminded of all the sweet times (and pancakes!) we've shared!

judyart said...

Carrie's jewelry is awesome! All you wonderful giving people are so selflessly wanting to gift a piece of her's to someone you love. I, on the other hand would give my eye teeth for that Druce stack ring or those gorgeous "Hope For The Future" earrings (now that is a real HOPE). The organic look of those earrings is really stunning. Actually, her work is all about organics and it has a refined freshness to it that really speaks well for her technical expertise. I do love the bark ring...but one can always Hope For those Earrings In The Future.

MoonRae said...

I have to agree with all touch my heart with wanting to give the ring to someone special...I would LOVE to win this ring, for myself....My favorite piece is this gorgeous shop is the Cicada wing necklace.I adore cicadas. Gonna show it to my friend so she can tell my husband, well, you get the idea. Thanks to both of you for this wonderful giveaway!!!!

tscd said...

I would definitely get the stack of twig ring for my sister. She lives on the other side of the world to me and gets lonely sometimes, but it would remind her of how our family 'sticks' together in our hearts and is stronger for it.

Jasmine1485 said...

I'd love to get the Single Blue Twig Ring for my best friend. In a lot of things we have very similar taste (and frankly I'd love this ring for myself!) and I know that she wears a lot of silver jewellery and likes a touch of sparkle! ;) She's such a caring, generous person, who's always feeding me, shouting me drinks and getting me fabulous presents for my birthday and Christmas. I always feel as though I don't spoil her as she should be, and it'd be wonderful if I could give her this wonderful piece of jewellery for her next birthday (in February!). I know she'd be thrilled :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shop... I love the pumice ring!

Anonymous said...

I can't wear earrings or necklaces, but I wear ears and neck are very sentitive and I break out in rashes real bad so I love to wear what I call "jewelry" for my hair, pretty barretts, bobby pins, etc....I love the Branch Hairpiece