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Monday, November 29, 2010

All Star Artist's Week - DISCOUNT and GIVEAWAY: I Brake for Bokeh Photography

I like photography. I adore black and white photography, but I passionately love Tracey's photography. 

Tracey's work is subtle yet dramatic, complicated yet understated, emotional yet unpretentious. 
It's so rare to find an artist that creates work that has an extremely accessible and broad appeal, without seeming boring or stale. 

It is my privelage to once again present Tracey of 'I Brake for Bokeh Photography'. Make sure you read all the way to the end...Tracey's prize and discount rocks!                            -illana

Name: Tracey / Raceytay

Business: I Brake for Bokeh Photography


What do you love about your work?
I love that it touches people. I love that it takes me away.  I lose all track of time when I am working on an image, when I am photographing something. Nothing else exists.  And I love to create.  I've done many things that fall into the category of 'creative' over my lifetime but none has felt just right until now. I love every aspect of what I do.  I love cleaning my lenses. I love driving out to the forest.  I love picking up test prints, waiting to see how they look, if they're Just Right.  And I love hearing from my customers just how much they love their prints.  It is so fulfilling.

What’s the best gift you have ever been given?
My canon 70-200mm f/4.0 travel mug. It was a gift from my best friend for my birthday this year and I treasure it.  It's the perfect Photographer Gift.

What do you do to make your customers feel special?
I treat them as I would like to be treated. I communicate with them professionally and promptly and I let them know they're valued and appreciated. I've also been known to include little extras when I ship. I know they feel it; I get a lot of repeat business. :)

What are you working on to make your work stand out this holiday season (feel free to add pics of new items here)?
I have been told by my customers and fans that my work does stand out. That it is evocative and  makes them feel something, often deeply. I work to create that in everything I do, during all seasons.  For those photos specific to this holiday I hope to evoke that feeling of joy when you see your first snow fall, or that sense of quiet and peace when you find yourself out walking alone and you can hear the snow crunch under your feet. A sense of magic, delight. Fun!

What do you want people to know about you and/or your work?
I want them to know how much I appreciate their attention and their kind words.  I get emails daily about how beautiful they find my photos, about how the things I make touch them, remind them of things and people. That is so special to me. It means so much.  It's truly amazing how a short note from someone who has been affected by one of my photographs can change the course of my day, make me smile, make me feel like what I do matters. It's humbling and awe inspiring and it is what keeps me going.

*Bonus Question*: What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?
Family. I'm a loner by nature, very introverted, but the feeling of belonging and family this time of year transcends my need to be alone. Being among friends and hearing the sounds I grew up with, smelling the smells - it's truly magical.

Discount: 25% off individual photographs! 
(applies to prints over 14x14 {because Tracey is running a BOGO sale on 12x12's and 14x14's} but only to the prints, not sets, not cards, not calendars, etc..., feel free to email if you have questions) 

Discount Code: ZIPRUTH25
Good until 11/6/2010
NOTE: Please do not enter this into the Etsy coupon code field. Instead, Raceytay requests that you enter it in the 'message to seller' field. She will refund the discount difference to you immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience, but unfortunately, this is the only way a shop can run multiple discounts at once (she is running a BOGO sale at the same time). Thanks!

Giveaway Item(s): Four 12x12 photographs of the winner's choice + Shipping

To win the Giveaway: Head over to Tracey's Etsy shop. Come back and tell us (in the comments section) which one of her photographs would make a great gift for someone in your life, and why. Make it good, we judge on how fab your story is! 

Giveaway and Discount Ends: 12/6/10


Toni said...

I don't even need to go to Tracey's shop to tell you which one of her works would make a great gift: I already know which one!!

Would there be dragons is one of my favorites, and I hope I win it!!


heathertorre/MySelvagedLife said...

I love all of Tracey's photos, and I love to use her work in my treasuries - her photos often inspire the collection, or are like an exclamation point in them, and really set the mood and tone. One of my favorite pieces is "The Way Home." My husband has never seen it, but I know it would bring a smile to his face. We spent a lovely and well-needed vacation together in Boston last February. We stayed at the Omni Parker House, and right across the street was a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, which is in the Old City Hall building. It's a gorgeous building, but in front were several trees completely covered in twinkling white lights. It was stunning and romantic, especially at night. We never did eat there, but we could enjoy the view from our room window, and walked past several times. From the sidewalk, in the evening - this photo looks exactly like my memory of that wonderful weekend!

Lee said...

I am new to Tracy's work - lovely!
I would love the 2011 Calendar - Bird Lovers - for my dad - he and my mother loved bird watching and feeding them. My mother passed away 3 yrs ago and my dad said he misses her painting birds and taking pics of them on their deck. He loves calendars so this would be perfect for him! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Schicki said...

I really love Tracy's work ,there is so much sensitivity and intelligence in her work.

I would have liked to give a special friend in berlin the picture of sunlight and sumer dream, as he just lost his job, and is very lonely in frozen berlin. this picture is just so full of comforting feeling... just the caress I would like to give him now.

Tracy, your work is just spectacular! you have a very unique and sensitive eye.
Good Luck!

themagiconions said...

So terribly hard to say as they are all spectacular... but, I'd have to say the photo's of the pink cherry blossoms. I would give them to my husband on our 12th wedding anniversary... He proposed to me in the spring time in Cape Town as we were standing under a rain of cherry blossom petals. It was crazy romantic! Cherry blossoms have always reminded us of that special day and we love the tell the story to our two children whenever we see cherry blossoms. I'd put the photos in our house that we are building... I believe that everything that is special enough to live with, must have a story and these photos would be the story of that special day that started our family. Ahhhhh.... now I'm feeling weepy... in a nice way :-)
Blessings and magic,
Donni -

Ellen TheEye said...

Wonderland for sure.... because I live in the land of the orchards...and that needs to be seen close up.

Silly Buddy said...

Tracey you rock!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely work....

mamipdx said...

'release,' the dandelion photo, would be ideal for my daughter, a tween searching for what makes her heart sing (will it be ballet, art, karate, or journal-writing?). my daughter is at that stage in her life where she is both child and adult. she wears her mascara unbearably thick, rides the public bus with ease, and withdraws from my hugs outside the walls of our home. yet she will blow a wish from a dandelion each time she happens upon one. this causes her to close tight her eyes, puff out her cheeks, and exclaim with glee, 'i made a wish! guess what it is! ha! i can't tell you or it won't come true!' i sincerely hope dandelions will always that effect on her.
i think she would be tickled with this photo. she knows what 'wishes' mean to her. and she recently decorated her room with a black and white theme, so the photo would also jibe with her latest room decor.
thanks for the chance. these are lovely photographs!
divertida at fastmail dot fm

Jen said...

Scarlet autumn and Vanishing really caught my eye. I would frame them in my bedroom, so I guess the recipient would be myself.

Why? I don't know that my story is appropriate or all that good, but they remind me of my trip to San Francisco to Detox from a vicious coke habit. I walking down alley in Chinatown, San Francisco feeling terribly ill, practically wanting to die. I knew nobody there, so it was a perfect place for me to go detox, see places I hadn't been before. I stumbled across a really old buddhist temple, which I went into. I wish there was a way for me to embed an image of it into the comment box!

I made a donation for some incense, lit it, took my shoes off, sat on my knees and started meditating. I sat there until I was practically blue in the face, but it gave me a sense of relief, that things would be okay. I gave yet another donation, left the nearly condemned temple with the red trees, and left SF a few weeks later after doing a lot of reflecting, and never touched cocaine again.

It's been six years, and I haven't touched it. I still crave the temple at times though, and I wonder if it's still there.

Thanks to raceytay for making such lovely photographs, I've put you in my etsy favorites. :)

jentabulous at hotmail dot com

Daph said...

Oh her work is So Vibrant!!
Firey Autumn would make a beautiful addition to the artwork displayed in my bosses shop. I think it would please him and make him smile

tscd said...

Definitely the 'Release' Tiny dandelion picture. It'll make a lovely gift for my mom who has had to release both her children from Singapore, right round to the ends of the world in Sydney and London!!

3 squares said...

i am a BIG fan of tracey's!

i especially love her winter prints, they make me long for home. i'm a michigander living in north carolina, and i miss the snowy winters.

check out this perfect snowflake - how did she do that? brilliant!


Jasmine1485 said...

I'd love to get 'Burning sky' for my mum, when we were on holidays together earlier this year I took a photo similar to this and she remarked on how much she liked it. This is like a professional, much nicer version of that photo and I think she'd love it. She's always saying that she wants pictures to hang in the loungeroom that match the colours of her furnishings - this would fit right in.

Kate1485 at

Anonymous said...

I would rename this beautiful work of art - A New Day - .BOGO - Tickle, Tickle - Bare tree branches reaching for a full harvest moon against a dark purple night sky filled with stars. I would give this print to my sister-in-law because she battled with cancer and WON, she is 100% cancerfree after several surgeries but remove both breasts...God has given her A New Day!


Amber said...

Pacific Wheel at Sunset - Santa Monica Ferris Wheel against a harvest gold sky - a whimsical photograph would be a perfect gift for my mom. I have always dreamed of taking her to California some day, and this would be a small token of my dedication to that dream. Maybe we will even have the chance to visit Santa Monica and ride this Ferris Wheel? That would be absolutely incredible.
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Camille said...

BOGO - Alium, Nine billion - A pastel colored round blossom amid a sea of lime green bokeh - A whimsical photograph - a fine art flower print (8x8) would be perfect for my mom. When I was decorating my college apartment, she framed and gave me some queen anne's lace she'd been drying for years. She said she kept meaning to frame it for her house, but never got around to it ... the qeen anne's lace in this picture would be a perfect way to return the favor to her :)

Amanda said...

My sisters just moved in to my dad's new house. They live 1000 miles away, so they're only at (our) dad's house every 12 weeks or so. The rooms have been decorated a little and they each have one black wall that I think would look amazing filled with artwork in white frames. The "And Birds Did Sing" print would look lovely in a white frame on that black wall! So that's the one I would choose as a gift.

Amanda said...

I LOVE Raceytay's work! I've been an Etsy fan for a long time.

For a gift I would chose the print "We three Christmas Trees" with the three pink Christmas trees. My husband's sister died in a tragic car accident several years ago and my in-laws hold a "Pink Christmas" party for friends and family every year in her memory. This photo would be the perfect Christmas gift for my Mother-in-Law and would make a wonderful addition to her "Pink Christmas" holiday decor - in addition to reminding her gently of her beloved daughter who is no longer here to celebrate Christmas with us.

amanda.brekhus at gmail dot com

Jingle said...

Read. That is the PERFECT print for me to give to my husband. He always has several books going at a time and our house is absolutely filled with them! He loves to be surrounded by the smell of an old book and that gorgeous decor of spine after spine on the shelves. He has created a library in our new home and this would be a wonderful addition to that room! He would love it and I would be thrilled to give him that joy by giving it to him!

jinglesells at gmail dot com

Megan said...

I'd love to give this to my step-grandma Nancy- her breast cancer came back recently and she can't join the family for any holiday celebrations this year, she's just too weak. I'd like to give her something beautiful to look at while she's stuck inside.

wright.173 (at)

asl said...

I would really love to give
O Deers to my grandfather-in-law. The family has a camp house and he used to love going and watching the birds and the deer at the feeders but cannot go anymore due to his health. He recently had a bad fall and has not been in the best spirits. I think this picture would allow him to appreciate nature from his home and that would mean a lot to him and the rest of the family.
I would love to have
Fiery Autumn - Red maple forest for me. It is beautiful and very passionate. I think this would be perfect hanging in my bedroom. It would remind me to be passionate in life every time i saw it. Great work, the pictures really do speak for themselves. audreyshay at yahoo dot com

MoonRae said...

These are ALL such gorgeous,inspirational photos!! I would pick the Three Tulips and send it to my sister. My ma passed this year and tulips were her favorite flowers. The night before her funeral my husband went and bought all the pink tulips he could find and brought them home for my sister and me....he looked after my mother alot and they had a special closeness most in-laws don't share....he said my mother "spoke" to him and told him to go buy the flowers so we knew she was sending us love....
My sister would be honored to have such a beautiful piece

Kara said...

I love this etsy shop! The prints are gorgeous and it was hard to chose one. However, Smile really caught my eye. My fiance and I are choosing colors for our apartment once we're married and he's in Grad school, and these colors and atmosphere of this picture match perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Wonderland would be just right,
for a baby girl tonight!
The view is like a bit of heaven
from which she came, and now it's seven...months of joy, delight and giggles, wonderland of ours with wiggles!

Martha Carolyn said...

Magical cupcake mountains would be the perfect gift for my friend, Emma. She is so inspiring to me because she is such a Godly wife and mom, and she is a big-time baker. Cupcakes just happen to be her speciality, and I know she would love this print.

I, of course, would pick Snow Squall for myself. I love the Winter, and this picture perfectly captures why.

Great photography!


Christina said...

When people ask me which item i would choose-which one i think is the best, I am normally a determined person and can decided between things. But when it comes to Tracey's photos I am astonished, astounded, awestruck and touched by how beautiful each and everyone of her photographs are. She is seems extremely professional ALL of her photos, some people only have a couple that are great, but everything of hers is just fantastic. Her work is too good for words to describe. My two absolute favorites form her shop is the Tiny Dandelion seeds holding on against a soft breeze in the warm sunlight.
And the scarlet autumn-bright red leaves and black ironwork fence in the big city. I love tracey's work, i might even want to buy more if i win! She has such intelligence in each and everyone of her photos and they are all spectacular.

*Evelyn* said...

I love everything in her shop !!

this one is just one of my fav

would be a perfect gift for my sister who loves the pictures of flowers and landscapes ...

evelyn.palazzin @ hotmail. it

Rich and Mallory said...

I would love to get either of these photos for my husband!!

My husband is from London, England and sometimes I think he gets home sick. The Underground piece would be a nice touch for his office. And the bike one would be fun also. He loves bike riding and staying fit through racing.

Mallory1031 at gmail dot com

Coty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coty said...

Tracey's Photo titled "Read" would make a great gift for my friend Heidi. A lot of my friends and I are dreamers. We're musicians, artists, writers, dancers; and we live in a small community but together we're creating great things.

We draw inspiration from things in life, both great and small but, one sure thing is that we always there for each other to encourage what the other one is doing.

Well, this month, my friend Heidi officially started her first book project. She is and incredible poet and writer. This coming year she is going to be looking to publish her very first book and I think the print "read" would be a great way to commemorate her journey at this time in her life.

Thanks for the possible opportunity to win and share something truly unique for my friend this Christmas.

- Coty Sloan
thedesigncompass (at) gmail (dot) com

Mammamoiselle said...

I love the Underground photo or the Millenium Wheel. I would give either to my husband for our five year anniversary. We were engaged in London - so the landmarks in London hold a special place for us. :)
stephcrs339 at gmail dot com

carsonthefreeway said...

the dandelion photo would be great for my mom because when i was little, she always used to read Hans Christian Andersen's story about the apple blossom and the was my favorite story as a child.

daphnechan12 @ gmail . com

Anonymous said...

These photographs are all truly gorgeous and would make wonderful gifts to so many wonderful people in my life!

But the photograph that touched me most is the beautiful tree photograph 'Burning sky'.

For me this barren tree symbolizes the strength and beauty of human kindness, even when, like this winter's tree, it has become stripped bare to the core by life's seasons. More than that: In all its nakedness, it shows its inner strength and beauty only more poignantly.

It would make a wonderful gift for my mother-in-law, who sadly enough suffers the pain of old age and loss of memory and old securities. I would hope it would serve to give her strength and help to remind her that, in this winter of her life, her strength & beauty still shines through for all to see.

Sharon said...

I love the Wonderland photo! The rows of cherry blossom trees would really brighten up my friend's life - she just broke up with her boyfriend and the D.C. winter isn't helping. This photo would remind her that there's brighter, warmer times ahead!

TZel said...

I visited my kid sister yesterday. As I looked around her little apartment, filled with hand-me-down furnishings, she spoke about her worries of not making enough money this month to buy food for her and her little daughter. She gets up in the black predawn to work at her job at a local restaurant, taking her sleeping baby to be cared for by someone else. I noticed her keys lying on the table, to a bauble hanging with them that stated, "a better daughter, sister and friend could not be found." I asked who had given it to her, and she said, "I bought it for myself at the dollar store." Times are hard for many of us, my household included, but I think that my kind-hearted sister could find her days lightened by gazing at a beautiful print. One I think that she would enjoy is the Beauty will save the world print. Thanks for reading my account.