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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Star Artist's Week - DISCOUNT and GIVEAWAY: Scabby Robot!

Jill is awesome. Her work is original, natural, comfortable, and totally modern. I am SO excited to have Jill back for All-Star week, as she is officially the biggest feature of last year. 

So, back by WAY popular demand, I am super excited to present Scabby Robot!
- illana

Name: Jill Harrell

Business: Scabby Robot -Leather Bags and Accessories

What do I love about my work?
I love leather. I love the feel of it, the smell of it, the sheen of it. It's tricky to work with. Like an ink drawing on paper, stitch lines on leather are permanent - I even like that aspect of it!

Best gift I've ever been given, that's a tough one. 
Maybe the manicure kit I was given as a 10 year old kid... I still use it regularly. Or surprise gifts... I LOve surprises. A friend showed up to hang out one night - and brought me my favorite as a surprise treat- a coconut filled with jello. That was PRETTY great.

To make my customers feel special, I try to share my enthusiasm. I'll include a note in an order or maybe throw in a little extra treat if I think that customer will get a kick out of a new idea I'm testing. When I'm feeling inspired I like to share with friends and customers in the occasional newsletter or facebook post. I feel enthusiasm is contagious and who doesn't want an enthusiastic little punch in the face sometimes.

To make my work stand out this season, I'm focusing on one of a kind items. Over the years I've collected lots and lots of leathers - some I have just small bits of, and others larger pieces. These remnants are not enough to create a whole line, but are so special as one-off pieces. I think they'll be great as holiday gifts! Here's a special piece with neato tannery marking:

What do I want people to know about my work? I want folks to know that I design every piece myself and that I make every piece myself. All my sewing is done on vintage Singer machines - and I love my machines.

My favorite thing about the holidays? Eggnog- Love the stuff.

Discount: 25% off your ENTIRE ORDER!

Discount Code: ZNR25
Good until 11/7/2010

Giveaway Item(s): Leather billfold of your choice (like this one):

To win the Giveaway: Head over to Jill's  Etsy shop. Come back and tell us (in the comments section) which one of her amazing bags would make a great gift for someone in your life, and why. Make it good, we judge on how fab your story is! 

Giveaway and Discount Ends: 12/7/10

Monday, November 29, 2010

All Star Artist's Week - DISCOUNT and GIVEAWAY: I Brake for Bokeh Photography

I like photography. I adore black and white photography, but I passionately love Tracey's photography. 

Tracey's work is subtle yet dramatic, complicated yet understated, emotional yet unpretentious. 
It's so rare to find an artist that creates work that has an extremely accessible and broad appeal, without seeming boring or stale. 

It is my privelage to once again present Tracey of 'I Brake for Bokeh Photography'. Make sure you read all the way to the end...Tracey's prize and discount rocks!                            -illana

Name: Tracey / Raceytay

Business: I Brake for Bokeh Photography


What do you love about your work?
I love that it touches people. I love that it takes me away.  I lose all track of time when I am working on an image, when I am photographing something. Nothing else exists.  And I love to create.  I've done many things that fall into the category of 'creative' over my lifetime but none has felt just right until now. I love every aspect of what I do.  I love cleaning my lenses. I love driving out to the forest.  I love picking up test prints, waiting to see how they look, if they're Just Right.  And I love hearing from my customers just how much they love their prints.  It is so fulfilling.

What’s the best gift you have ever been given?
My canon 70-200mm f/4.0 travel mug. It was a gift from my best friend for my birthday this year and I treasure it.  It's the perfect Photographer Gift.

What do you do to make your customers feel special?
I treat them as I would like to be treated. I communicate with them professionally and promptly and I let them know they're valued and appreciated. I've also been known to include little extras when I ship. I know they feel it; I get a lot of repeat business. :)

What are you working on to make your work stand out this holiday season (feel free to add pics of new items here)?
I have been told by my customers and fans that my work does stand out. That it is evocative and  makes them feel something, often deeply. I work to create that in everything I do, during all seasons.  For those photos specific to this holiday I hope to evoke that feeling of joy when you see your first snow fall, or that sense of quiet and peace when you find yourself out walking alone and you can hear the snow crunch under your feet. A sense of magic, delight. Fun!

What do you want people to know about you and/or your work?
I want them to know how much I appreciate their attention and their kind words.  I get emails daily about how beautiful they find my photos, about how the things I make touch them, remind them of things and people. That is so special to me. It means so much.  It's truly amazing how a short note from someone who has been affected by one of my photographs can change the course of my day, make me smile, make me feel like what I do matters. It's humbling and awe inspiring and it is what keeps me going.

*Bonus Question*: What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?
Family. I'm a loner by nature, very introverted, but the feeling of belonging and family this time of year transcends my need to be alone. Being among friends and hearing the sounds I grew up with, smelling the smells - it's truly magical.

Discount: 25% off individual photographs! 
(applies to prints over 14x14 {because Tracey is running a BOGO sale on 12x12's and 14x14's} but only to the prints, not sets, not cards, not calendars, etc..., feel free to email if you have questions) 

Discount Code: ZIPRUTH25
Good until 11/6/2010
NOTE: Please do not enter this into the Etsy coupon code field. Instead, Raceytay requests that you enter it in the 'message to seller' field. She will refund the discount difference to you immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience, but unfortunately, this is the only way a shop can run multiple discounts at once (she is running a BOGO sale at the same time). Thanks!

Giveaway Item(s): Four 12x12 photographs of the winner's choice + Shipping

To win the Giveaway: Head over to Tracey's Etsy shop. Come back and tell us (in the comments section) which one of her photographs would make a great gift for someone in your life, and why. Make it good, we judge on how fab your story is! 

Giveaway and Discount Ends: 12/6/10

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It has been a lovely break, thanks for asking! I am almost back in the saddle, and am here to tease, titillate, and totally try to get you all excited about next week. As many of you know, Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. To celebrate, I will be having an AWESOME event called.....


Yes, that's right, I am bringing back all of the BIGGEST artists that I featured last year (and a couple really stunning new ones) for a super amazing week-long event next week.

Here's the deal:

Each day next week, a new artist will be featured. For the seven days following that person's feature, my lovely readers can enter to win that artist's KILLER giveaway, AND can shop to their heart's content in the artist's Etsy shop, because they will be offering HUGE discounts to ZIP & RUTH readers too!

So, READ Z&R NEXT WEEK!!!! It will be SOooooooo worth it, I promise!

Here are a few photos of the work of some of the participating artists: