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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tutorial: Make your own sandals!

Ok, I'm sure everyone and their sister saw this tutorial already, since it is direct from the mother ship (Etsy), but I thought it was so freakin' awesome that I wanted to re-share. The full tamale can be found here.... but here are the highlights:

What you need:
- Flip flops (remember, used flip flops work great, and are more eco-friendly)
- Scissors
- Piece of chalk or marker 
- Craft knife
- Heavy duty waterproof glue
- Recycled T-shirts
- Screw driver
- Flat butter knife or thin plastic ruler to stuff fabric into the soles
- Clamps (or heavy books)


SNSpencer said...

Sweet, finally a solution to my "teva tan"! Just kidding, even though most of your tutorials don't lend themselves to people like me (men), they are great none the less. Keep them coming!

Jef Spencer - Fan Page for my work.

illana Burk said...

Hey Jef- Oh, but that beer cozy was SO dude-related! Any boys use soap, don't they? But, just for you, I am now hunting for a man-friendly tutorial of some sort. Any requests?

SNSpencer said...

Sorry, standing in the back yard with my felted beer surrounded by the sweet aroma of Lavender and Shea Butter? The ladies would totally dig me, wht was I thinking?!? Not quite my style, and when I pop a beer it usually does not last long enough to get warm. Great tutorials and crafts, don’t get me wrong. Not knocking it. But hmmm… standing in the back yard…. Maybe another patio or BBQ related project. I did like the recycled wine bottle lamp project.