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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Featured Artist & GIVEAWAY: Foundling (aka Betsy Carr)

Your name: Betsy Carr
Your business name: foundling: new things made from old things

The Basics:
Well golly, Betsy is officially one tough nut to crack! The best I could get out of her is that she lives in Ashville, NC. She has an awesome shop assistant. She adores old things and is totally committed breathing new life into old pieces. She draws her inspiration from things she collects and finds in her travels.... bits of old paper, lovely textiles.

1. What five words best describe you?
Quirky, happy, hopeful, bemused, industrious

2. What five words best describe your work?
Sweet, modern, rustic, clever, irreverent

3. What was the very first art form you fell in love with, and, do you still do it?
Macaroni necklaces. And, yes, I suppose that's still what I'm doing now.

4. What was your very worst ‘real’ job?
Waiting tables. Ugh. People are at their worst when they're hungry.

5. Is artwork your full-time life? Or, if not, are you planning to make it that way? If so, what’s your favorite part about being a full-time creative?
I've been doing this full-time for about two years now. I have a lot of favorite parts. I love the rhythm of repetitive work and watching finished pieces pile up slowly over a day is really satisfying to me. I love it that my work makes people happy, and I love it when I get to hear about that. I get a lot of problem solving done by day-dreaming in a really detached, spaced out looking kind of way. I love it that I can indulge that at will in my own studio. Also, that making things all day has done nothing to damper my enthusiasm for extra-curricular creative efforts.

6. What do you think is the single most important thing you could tell an artist just starting out?
Start thinking of yourself as a business person and an artist. Read Meg Auman's blog,, and Tara Gentile's blog, Take a small business class if you can. Devote time to working on your business the way you devote time to working on your art.

7. What is your favorite way to distribute our work (craft shows, online, galleries, etc…), and why?
I love doing shows where I can watch people interact with the jewelry. My favorite designs and patterns are never the most popular ones and it's so important for me and and for my wholesale customers to know what the people buying and wearing my work are really loving. It's also super flattering for me to watch someone fall in love with a piece. That kind of thing keeps me going when things are feeling rough.

8. What are your five favorite blogs and/or websites?

9. Favorite artist?
Jennifer Davis is my favorite right now.

10. Guilty pleasure?
Frosted sugar cookies.

~~~ GIVEAWAY ~~~

Betsy has generously offered one winner her beautiful Sweet Ring Set, as seen here, custom made in your size!: 

- Go to Betsy's Etsy page. Find your very favorite item.
- After that, come on back and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite item was and why (the 'why' is the part we really look for when deciding on a winner... so be creative!).

You may enter only once. The contest is open until 4pm Pacific time on the Monday following the original feature (so it's open for about six days). Winners will be posted on Tuesday morning, along with the new featured artist's piece. If you have any questions, please contact me, not the artist.

IMPORTANT: If you want to be contacted (if you are the winner), you need to leave your email address in your comment (I suggest spelling out the @(at) and the .(dot) to avoid spam from internet crawlers, or you may also leave your Etsy screen name, if applicable. If you don't leave either, you need to check back and contact me by the Friday following the contest ending to see of you won, and will need to email me (see Winner's Box in the upper right sidebar).

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Please note: The winner is chosen by me and the featured artist based on your make 'em good! We make no claims that the selection is random:) It is between you and the featured artist to coordinate the getting of your loot. I make no personal guarantees about time-frame for delivery, value, or condition of the winning item.

~~~~~~~~~~ Last Week's Winners: Mary (wrote about bluejays) and JarosDesigns... CONGRATS!  ~~~~~~~~~~


Lorin Dixon said...

I love foundlings! I have one of her necklaces! That said, I am really torn between 2 pieces as my favorite, and I am going to list both here, because quite frankly I like combining them. First is
the polka dot necklace. I would love to wear it with
Maize ring stack in maps and text. I think the colors would complement beautifully, and polka dots go with everything!

etsy shop name doodypops

nobaddays said...

I LOVE the "For Your Bridesmaids" necklaces best ... but, really, everything is gorgeous. Thanks for the great giveaway. I make bubble pendants as gifts occasionally ( ... but yours are WAY more beautiful.

walsh_sue at sbcglobal dotnet

TopHat said...

I think the Patty Pan Squash Necklace in blue is gorgeous! Which reminds me- we're having squash for dinner tonight. It's our first summer squash of the season!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Melissa said...

I love the needlepoint drops because my mom does needlepoint, and it reminds me of her and her craftiness! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

Allie Tries to Cook said...

I love that "Happy and you know it" sign in the background.

Awesome stuff! The foreign language earrings, the map earrings, the daring necklace - so hard to choose.

Katie said...

This is a no brainer! For sure it has to be the carrot earrings....i mean look at those things! I am always lookin for creative and unique jewelry items that no one else i know has, these qualify in my oppinion. They would be great to add a little quirkyness to an outfit or simply wear to a garden party (i think that they would be a hit!)

Oh and this is coming from someone who no longer has their ears pierced, but i would really consider piercing them again if i owned these :D

Courtney :) said...

I love the neclaces for the bridemaids. I am getting married in September and my bridesmaids have been so supportive and have gone overboard for me. I couldnt ask for better girls. These would be a great way to give them a thank you. It is something very sentimental that they could keep forever.

cmw_2289 at yahoo dot com

Viva said...

Great shop! As a typography nut I'm loving the alphabet necklace-customizable. Type from vintage books?? Love that. What a great way to recycle and find some potential letterpress type samples. So many great fonts to choose from, and then to have a necklace with a favorite letter...drool, drool. Thanks for the chance, contact info on my blog.

Amber said...

I just love the Indian Blanket Earrings because they remind me of my trip to Santa of the most beautiful cities in the United States! I still remember walking along Canyon Road and looking at all the artist galleries. Of course, I couldn't afford any of it, but it was fun just to look.
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Amber said...

I follow your blog with google friend connect
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Vanessa said...

I love the foreign language earrings - they go beyond lovely and transport me to Europe where I'm sipping a cappuccino along the Grand Canal in Venice - or in Paris, gazing at the Arc de Triomphe bathed in moonlight.

Ella said...

I like the wild necklace. I love the word choice, i love the color, and pattern. It think it's really cool! :)

ellaetc (at) gmail (dot) com

Celeste said...

I absolutely love the little alphabet necklace. I love how it is delicate & petite... so, so darling. Would go with every outfit - yet it would surely stand out.

Celeste said...

Just became a follower of your blog :)

Wild and Precious said...

I love love LOVE the pattypan squash necklace in blue. Blue is my favorite color and squash is probably my favorite veg. so it gets me almost on the name alone! But beyond that -- i think it is a beautifully unique design. It is hip enough to match any of today's fashion trends, but also classic enough that I know I will enjoy wearing it for years to come (regardless of what turns the fashion world takes). I love the design -- the double chain and where it hits on the neck. I'd of course want the matching earrings too!!

love all her designs. love the ring she is giving away too!! thanks for hosting!

Wild and Precious said...

i'm a new follower! :)

Kelli Lee said...

My favorite item is the handwork ring stack. I am recently divorced and feel such a void on that left ring finger which desperately needs filling. I suspect this beautiful ring would do the trick quite well.

Kelli Lee said...

I'm a follower of Zip & Ruth via GFC (Kelli Lee)!


Kelli Lee said...

I'm a Facebook fan of Zip & Ruth (Kelli Flanders Robinson)!


Kristen said...

I like the pattypan squash necklace in blue. It looks the exact color of my friend's eyes (...I might even let her borrow it!) lol

couponboss at gmail dot com

susanna june said...

My favorite is the plain jane ring stack. I love what a simple piece this is, but what a statement it makes. It has such a beautiful vintage look and I Love vintage.

zannajune at gmail dot come

Becky said...

I love the persephone earrings. They are so simple and sweet, just plain different. I've never seen jewelry like it!

Megan said...

the carrot earrings! oh my goodness!
may.63 (at)

@ByHandGiveaways said...

I love the needlepoint drops

because I am an earring addict and I love the long dangle

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com
--Get this giveaway free exposure here!

Heather said...

I like the
pattypan squash necklace in blue. I think the colors and metal are cool looking.
jswandrn at gmail

AmbreRose said...

I love the pattypan squash hoops in pink! Those are so amazingly beautiful. Great colors, beautiful jewelry. ambrerose(!at)aol(dot)com

kiddo said...

My favorite item is the
maize ring stack in maps and text. It reminds me of the TV show, LOST, because it looks like the view you would see from an airplane (right before you crash on a deserted island of course)!

kiddomsg at gmail dot com

kiddo said...

I follow this blog and like Zip and Ruth on FB.

kiddomsg at gmail dot com

Jenny Bolech said...

I love the wild necklace - I don't know why, but it reminds me of knit socks! I've never had socks that look like those though!!

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Jenny Bolech said...

I forgot to mention i follow you on your blog and on facebook!

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

sarah said...

first of all, wonderful artistry!

the wild necklace really hit home for me. the dictionary definition and typewriter fond in the smaller glass bead reminds me of how my husband and i have "grounded" our wild passion for life, travel and exploring since settling down as new parents. but the swatch of zig-zagged, colorful fabric in the larger glass bead reminds me that life can and should still be full of interesting turns, color and warmth. the two beads hanging together on one string symbolize the harmony that we're trying to find in our new live as a settled-down family.

(btw, i follow your blog.)

great giveaway!

Samy said...

I am in awe at the photography of these beautiful pieces in Foundling. Despite how tough it is to choose a favorite out of these lovely creations, I will pick the listing titled "maize ring stack in maps and text". I rarely wear rings, but these drew me in. I adore the weathered appearance, the delicacy, the vintage paper held under resin, the uniqueness of each creation. The fact that the silver is recycled is the cherry on top of a fabulous set of rings. I would wear these everyday!

Thank you for the opportunity. :)

samyrocks92 at msn dot com

illana Burk said...

Thanks all.... voting is now closed:)