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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekly Featured Artist & GIVEAWAY: The Time is Now

Name: Naomi
Business Name: The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now is also featured on, and

The Basics:
The Time is Now is the creation of Naomi. She's 24 years old and has always had artistic interests. Her path to here was long and twisted. She is a graduate of The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design where she discovered her passion for paper cutting. She now lives in Tel Aviv and is trying to decide how to decorate her apartment. 

1. What five words best describe you?
Kind, perfectionist, quiet, day-dreamer, talented. Or so people keep insisting.

2. What five words best describe your work?
Decorative, detailed, dreamy, intricate, and Are-you-crazy?! The last one is the most common feedback I get.

3. What was the very first art form you fell in love with, and, do you still do it?
I do remember as a kid that I loved animation and wanted to be an animator. That’s all I knew of art, you see, but I never attempted it. I remember I loved the times we had plates printed with our drawings in kindergarden. I seem to have always favored artistic outlets with practical uses. That’s why I fell in love with fashion design. I studied it for years and was all set on becoming a fashion designer, but somewhere along the way I fell in love with graphic design. Somehow I ended up in illustration, and as long as my illustrations get to grace book covers, product packages, and print material, I am hooked. There’s something about holding and feeling your work that never stops thrilling me. I definitely want to try my hand at textile design next.

4. What was your very worst ‘real’ job?
The only job that I really suffered at wasn’t bad at all, really. It’s just that I was drifting, and the hours I worked made it so I never saw the sun. So really I’m lucky, I never had a scarring job. Hope to never have one.

5. Is artwork your full-time life? Or, if not, are you planning to make it that way? If so, what’s your favorite part about being a full-time creative?
If only! I’m too scared to make it my full time job yet. I still need to make myself a nest first, but I do plan to make creating my full-time gig. Work is a distraction from creating, but I can’t say I did much of that the 9 months I was unemployed. I think creating for me is very much an emotional state, and surprisingly I am sketching and cutting more now when I have so little time to do it than I did when I was home all day. I’m happier now, too. I’m regaining confidence in myself in as a contributing member of society, and I am regaining confidence in myself as a creative artist.

6. What do you think is the single most important thing you could tell an artist just starting out?
Mmm, I’m really bad in shelling out advice, probably because still I need them so badly myself.
Confidence, I should say, don’t lose confidence in yourself. And always keep creating, even little things, because I think that’s what keeps the light from dying, it’s so easy to walk away sometimes.
Be organized. Even if my organization skills amount to orderly piles, I know that an orderly work space equals more creativity.

7. What is your favorite way to distribute your work (craft shows, online, galleries, etc…), and why?
I have to say, I don’t like craft shows. They’ve never been a success for me, but that’s probably because I haven’t found the right one yet. I would like to attempt galleries, or rather I’m being highly encouraged to by people, but I feel like I need to expand my portfolio more for it. Right now I’m relying heavily on the internet for all things. It’s a powerful tool, and I seem to know more about what I can do with it than I do offline. It seems scarier, just because it’s not as anonymous.

8. What are your five favorite blogs and/or websites?
I get my daily dose of humor from and

9. Favorite artist?
Audrey Kawasaki blows my mind every time.
Rob Ryan
Rifle Design (Anna Bond)
Sam Weber
Jen Corace
Feral Kid (Joao Ruas)

10. Guilty pleasure?
I’ll keep my guilty pleasures to myself. Well, I consider my attempts at embroidery, where I really bite more than I can chew sometimes, a guilty pleasure. I’m just starting on embroidering a gigantic headboard that I’ll probably never finish.

~~~ GIVEAWAY ~~~

Naomi has generously offered one winner their choice of either her lovely Wanderlust print (seen here) or a $25 gift certificate towards the item of their choice from her Etsy shop!

- Go to Naomi's Etsy page. Find your very favorite item.
- After that, come on back and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite item was and why (the 'why' is the part we really look for when deciding on a winner... so be creative! Tell us how you would use it, why it appeals to you, what you find unique about it....that sort of thing).

You may enter only once (but keep reading for the loophole on that). The contest is open until 4pm Pacific time on the Monday following the original feature (so it's open for about six days). Winners will be posted on Tuesday morning, along with the new featured artist's piece. If you have any questions, please contact me, not the artist.

IMPORTANT: If you want to be contacted (if you are the winner), you need to leave your email address in your comment (I suggest spelling out the @(at) and the .(dot) to avoid spam from internet crawlers, or you may also leave your Etsy screen name, if applicable. If you don't leave either, you need to check back and contact me by the Friday following the contest ending to see of you won, and will need to email me (see Winner's Box in the upper right sidebar).

Bonus Entries- **You can earn an extra entry for each of the following: Follow my blog and/or follow me on Facebook. Both links are on the right-hand sidebar. Just make sure you note that you did these in your comment below (no need to leave multiple comments, you'll get an entry for each thing you do, just put it all into one comment)!**

Please note: The winner is chosen by me and the featured artist based on your make 'em good! We make no claims that the selection is random:) It is between you and the featured artist to coordinate the getting of your loot. I make no personal guarantees about time-frame for delivery, value, or condition of the winning item.

~~ Last Week's Winners: mFrame! Carol and I wish you health, happiness, and a speedy recovery!  ~~


Melissa said...

I love the Green sparrow papercut because -- forgive the pun/play on words -- he looks like a total tweetheart. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

Melissa said...

Follow you on GFC, too.

Egle said...

I love the Pressed Anemone Flowers original watercolors illustration. I love the choice of colors and the style used to paint the flowers. Nothing too much... that is what I like about it. Simple but very pretty.


janaemadsen said...

I love the green sparrow papercut. I would honestly just put it in my little office. I like looking at happy prints that I like on the walls in my office and I would love a little bird.

TopHat said...

I love the forest papercut. I've been trying to get back to nature lately, so I've been very attracted to art with trees.

Julia said...

I love the Deer and Fox papercut, it reminds me of medieval tapestries.


XauXau said...


I browsed through the items and found the Love Birds card.. I fell in love with it. Word 'love' is heard and read so often that it becomes something very banal and usual but in this card you start to remember it's deepest meaning and idea. The fragility of it. The beauty of it. The air and butterflies in your stomach.. And light all around it.

I wouldn't have such emotions if the artist hadn't made it so perfect.. So.. the best compliments for you Naomi. :)


debbie said...

I like the fox and the deer papercut. I grew up in the country. I remember seeing foxes and deer in the woods. It really reminds me of that. I loved seeing them. Your work is beautiful.

Loreta said...

I must say, my favourite pieces from Naomi's shop are her delicate papercuts. But the thing I could really use is the Craft Room Sign. I would hang it on my door when I'm working, because even though I keep asking my family not to bother me when I'm busy, they just storm into my room and talk about potplants... and new videos on YouTube... and new types of bricks. The sign would probably come in handy. Or maybe I could just lock my door. :X Oh well. I really really like the sign though. :D

Oh, I follow your blog via GFC.

leemoor1 at gmail dot com

mruna said...

I love the forest papercut! It reminds me of a papercut i did that was quite similar in the theme.It to had a forest scene but also had a couple of human and animal figures..i had based it on an illustration of shakuntala and dushyant in a forest! That was the first (and last) papercut i did and i felt exactly how Naomi describes the process-' 100% made by hand. I drew and cut the illustration using a scalpel, music, and lots of patience myself. I am very proud of this piece'!
My thoughts exact while doing that piece!


p.s. i follow your blog

Jen said...

Beautiful Yellow song bird Papercut
You remind me
Of the pretty songbirds at my birdfeeder
Who eat and eat till they're happy

I would hang you on my wall
in a place of honor to me
So everyone who visits
Will stop to look and see

I love your work
YOu are far above the rest
If you choose my entry
I promise I'll pass the test

Oh Yellow Songbird papercut
You are one of a kind
I hope that you'll come home to me
And help me to unwind

productsoftheday at gmail dot com

Amber said...

The Pressed Anemone Flowers original watercolors illustration is my favorite because it I love the colors and how delicate it is. I would frame this for my college dorm room this fall!

I follow your blog with google friend connect as Amber and I like you on Facebook as Amanda Moore

Thank you for the giveaway :)

Jessica said...

My favorite item is the Forest papercut! I've always been fascinated with papercutting, and this one is beautiful! I love the tree limbs!
ms.johnsonmahs at gmail dot com

mom2girls said...

I would get the Polar Bear illustrated notebook for my daughter. The reason I would do this is that she is a avid journaler (she is 9 1/2) and has been for two years now. She writes down everything that happens in her real world and in her head :) She also collects bears, and has carried one bear Trevor for her whole life, and just this last few months has started to leave him in my bag when we go out in public. My daughter is bipolar and is having a pretty hard time right now, and writting down her "dragons" really helps her to cope, I think that writting in a such a wonderful bear book would help even more.

Elena (Tickled Pink Knits) said...

Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful shop - the work is marvelous! What a great giveaway too. From the shop, I like the "romantic fashion" papercut - and its use of intricate detailing to create a lace-like garment out of paper. Beautiful!

TickledPinkKnits AT gmail DOT com

Alice (fa11enan9e1) said...

Honestly, Wanderlust is my favorite. Everything else is absolutely gorgeous as well. The Deer and Fox is stunning, for example... but something about Wanderlust tugs at my heart. There's just completely gorgeous and whimsical and beautiful. I'm a "the home is where the heart lies" kind of girl... but something about travel is also so appealing. The wonder of going to new places and discovering new things. And Wanderlust manages to capture that feeling perfectly.

fa11enan9e1 at yahoo dot com

Kristin said...

I love the take care papercut. There is so much detail in her work. I didn't know you could do that with paper. I love that it looks like lace. I just want to frame it and hang it in my living room! The coral matches my color scheme

kristin.brown106 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite would be a custom made paper cutting of a woman reaching her arms wide OPEN, in the background a heart, hidden deep within a bold outline of mountains (for the story I wrote in the first grade called The Amazing Heart Book: "This is the heart of love and the heart of spirit. It is the most important thing. When you climb it you are in a beautiful magic land. If you touch it you will be powerful. I know my heart. I love this heart. I wish I could go there but it is blocked. It is a beautiful site when you go to the mountains." Beneath the last line is a crayong drawing of a girl reaching her arms toward the sky, a rainbow colored heart in the distance, a black crayon wall between...)
That would be my favorite, though I love the ones I've seen on your site!

Crafty Q said...

The take care papercut is the best! What great work she does!

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow bird papercut!

It's so beautiful in its simplicity and the yellow and black would be a nice contrast to my grey-blue walls. Also, I'm living far from home right now and miss my family a lot. My mom's an avid birder and so I've started collecting bird pictures because they remind me of her.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to leave my e-mail! It's karma dot points at yahoo dot com

EVA SB said...

I love both the Wanderlust papercut and Between Worlds print because they evoke a feeling of the mysterious and unknown, enticing and intriguing us from somewhere just beyond our reach.

I follow via GFC[@]gmail[.]com

Rebekah said...

I LOVE the "love birds card."

I'm at that time in my life when weddings abound and having personal, distinctive, special and beautiful cards is always a must. I've recently started crafting my own cards, but these in particular are so delicate that they exude the careful love that so many of my dear friends have crafted for themselves. The focus of the cards are certainly the two birds, but the other, perhaps seemingly extraneous, details are not forgotten. The branches are precisely shaped and the leaves are present with such subtle hints that remind us that while our love may be all-consuming, the world around us still exists and can certainly benefit from such love.

Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!


Rebekah said...

I'm a follower and I "like" you on facebook!

Grace said...

I love the take care papercut - stunning.

Thanks for the chance to win. Enjoyed reading the interview.

myyearinhaiku at gmail dot com

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

I love the Deer and Fox papercut. It would be a perfect addition to my home. My style has been described as English cottage. This reminds me of an English hunt. I would frame it in black to make the beautiful details pop out. Thank you for show casing such a talented artist!

laprochaine at gmail dot com

centuries said...

My two favourite items in the shop are the Love Embrace print because of it's simplicity and elegance and My Lover's Ribbon cross stitch sampler because I love bows!

Thanks for the giveaway!<3

arteriole said...

the nautical adventure papercut has stirred the heart of my inner adventurer with dreams of wild winds, the cry of gulls, and salty sea spray! i would love to frame this piece above a hand-lettered copy of john masefield's poem "I must go down to the sea again in my own calligraphy...

allisonsbj3 said...

I love the Waiting for Your Song bird papercut because the colors pop very nicely. I really like the name too, it makes you want to sing to the bird.


AmbreRose said...

I do like the nautical adventure papercut and would love to hand that in my house. But then I thought about it a little more and I think I would like the In the Spring card pack. I like these cards so how would everyone else that I send one to feel? I would love to be able to make my friends and loved ones day by sending them these beautiful cards...just because. ambrerose(!at)aol(dot)com

very married said...


i like this:

Because it's so simple and me-ish :)

momzilajn said...

Well I love everything! Because I would love to have the steady hand, the eagle eye, and the outstanding creativity it looks like it takes to make all these items. But I don't so I am left to enter your contest and hope and pray I win! LOL. But I would buy the deer/stag cutout for my husband, and a songbird for me. Since he loves to hunt, and songbirds lift my spirits, when I am depressed that I am not as good as an artist as you are to make my own! LOL. Your things are wonderful! Hope you pick me, cuz I really want to win! Thanks!

Marlene said...

I love your work, so delicate but with a simpilicity of it's own. I love your love birds card, we have a family wedding in 30 days so we are thinking on simular line as this.
Regards Marlene

trixx said...

Love the Green sparrow papercut! I actually don't like birds all too much. I also constantly make fun of my friend who does. I call him the birdman since he gets so geeky about the subject. Seeing these cuts though, wow. Newfound appreciation!

+ I follow your blog.


Ľubaša said...

I love romantic fashion papercut - just I love combination of this drawing with great pattern of papercut. it reminds as a whole some japanese works.
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Ľubaša said...

blog follower
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Ľubaša said...

I like your FB page (Ľubica Kotmániková)
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Katie said...

i really love the take care bird papercut. i've always liked the phrase "take care" - it can mean so many things. take care of yourself, take care with my heart, take care of others. i just love it :) email in profile.

M.M.E. said...

I love the Romantic Fashion papercut. It reminds me of Coles Phillips artwork, where the subject emerges from the background but is still part of it. It's only our mind that creates the figure. Her work is truly inspirational.

Katie said...

i also follow your blog - it's fab! :) email in profile.

Samantha said...
My fave item was the tuxedo bear brooch.

Samantha said...

i follow you too!