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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tutorial: Felted Beer Coozie

I am a little bit in love with this. Seriously.... craftiness and beer? What more could you want?

This tutorial comes courtesy of Instructables. The full tutorial is WAY easy to follow and is also a great way to learn how to upcycle sweaters for other felt-y-ness projects.

View the full tutorial here:

So... What's your favorite summer brew?


SNSpencer said...

I love it but... what self respecting man would have one of these wrapped around this tasty beverage? ;-)

Jenn said...

Only a manly man, Jef. :)

I am not looking a this tutorial because I already have ENOUGH DARN HOBBIES THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Although I might have an old wool sweater that got accidently washed hiding somewhere in a closet...

/slaps hand no no, bad Jenn

Josh said...

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illana Burk said...

Jef- I see tweed felt wrapped around your Bud;)

Jenn- You suck at not looking...which just makes me love you more:)

Josh.... on my way now! Thanks!