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Monday, July 26, 2010

Think Big! Monday: Banksy.... go forth and make trouble!

For those of you that have live (or live) in cities like San Francisco, New York, or London, you have probably seen some of Banksy's work. For many years, he has peppered the urban landscape with brilliant (and often inflammatory) images of personal struggle, war and peace and the fallibility of humanity. For years, his true identity was unknown; only recently was there a newspaper article published with his actual photo.

I'm hoping this post inspires you to use art to make a little trouble. Raise a little hell, break a few rules and never, never play it safe. For more of Banksy's amazing work (and I HIGHLY reccomend you check this out), go to his website at:


Note the irony of the above work, when viewing the positionioning of the "Sale Ends Tomorrow" ad below his feature in the scan below. Geee, I wonder why he avoids the press.

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