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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Biz Tip: Drink your coffee.

Every single morning, I dutifully make a lovely press pot of coffee for my significant other and myself to share. And every morning, like clockwork. I take two sips then start working, forget all about it, and then and hour later, wonder why I have a headache and still feel sleepy.

This article is not really about coffee. It's about doing whatever it is that you need to do to make sure you don't derail yourself by over-working and not taking a minute to {   fill in the blank with whatever lights your fire  }.

As teensy business owners, we are our biggest asset. I mean, you wouldn't leave your computer on 24/7 and never give it a rest, would you? So, why do we work through lunch, fail to take a nap, never drink enough water, and then wonder why we are so tired all the time? Honestly, I have no idea, nor do I have a great solution. Today is just a quick smack upside the head. Go drink a glass of water and take a minute to smell the roses. Off I go to drink my now-cold coffee.


Melody and David Photography said...

Oh, dear Illana - I am so thankful to hear that someone else has the same basic coffee ritual. During the summer, I have now taken to adding some ice to my coffee once it is cold and pretending that was my goal all along... until I find myself with watered-down, luke-warm coffee after another hour or so. :oP Perhaps it is time for a change in ritual :o) Thanks for a lovely smack upside the head!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Interesting point, I am actually on vacation right now, and what am I doing? On the computer! French press is the best way to make coffee, I think! Just came over from Wild and Precious, happy to find your lovely blog and happy to be your newest follower! XO!

Jayne said...

I feel you! I always forget to drink enough water, and then get a headache. =)