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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Biz Tip: Diversify!

Today's tip is all about flexibility. As my readers and friends, you know I am pretty hard core about doing a few things well, not a whole bunch of things marginally okay. But, sometimes doing one thing well locks us into not seeing new opportunities within what we do well. In this economy, we are all looking at new ways to develop revenue. So, I challenge you to think about this; what are you missing that's most likely right under your nose?

For example: Are you a knitter, scrambling to make scarves and hats and mittens as fast as your little fingers can go? Perhaps you are selling a few things, but you could really use a boost. So what are you missing? You know you are more than a knitter, maybe your also a single mom? Why not write a blog about being a creative parent? Or perhaps start a knitting meetup group for other single moms?

So, what are you missing?


jubilantwares said...

you know I think I am going to really keep up on my blog and take your advice.....thank you

illana Burk said...

So glad I could help! I have found it to be a super-duper rewarding experience!