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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Featured Artist & Giveaway!: Tracey / Raceytay Photography

Your Name: Tracey / Raceytay
Business Name: I brake for bokeh photography

Etsy shop:

The Basics:
Tracey is one amazing photographer, who, like many who spend their time behind the camera, is reluctant to share much about herself. Personally, I think it adds to the unmistakable charm that shines in her work. What I do know... Tracey has some lovely kitties that she loves, and Tracey likes to bake, like, a LOT, as seen here in her piece titled, "The Evil Undead Gingerbread Army". SO my kind of baking!      

1. What five words best describe you?
I asked for help from my best friend for this question and the next one.
Introvert. Perceptive. Independent. Geek. Intelligent

2. What five words best describe your work?
Striking. Illuminated. Beautiful. Umpossible. Perfect

3. What was the very first art form you fell in love with, and, do you still do it?
It would have to be the literary arts. I have been a bookworm for as long as I can remember. I always will be. I get utterly lost in a good book, and I go back and revisit them time and time again. I become morose sometimes when a book ends, especially if it has been a nice long one. But I can’t write. I had to write for a living once, I hated it. Which, I see, is the answer to the next question!

4. What was your very worst ‘real’ job?
Writing on demand. Technical writing for the government. I thought I would enjoy it, initially. But there was no room for creativity and a love of reading does not translate to a love of writing. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

5. Is artwork your full-time life? Or, if not, are you planning to make it that way? If so, what’s your favorite part about being a full-time creative?
No. I have a full-time job, and likely always will. I am far too practical to give it up. It does afford me the opportunity to travel, which allows me to photograph new and exciting places and things. It also means I can focus on the photographs I like, I don’t have to be ‘successful’ or ‘commercial’. I get to be me.

6. What do you think is the single most important thing you could tell an artist just starting out?
Do the things that make you happy. Don’t try to be someone else, or please someone else. Don’t follow trends. Do what makes you free. If you can lose yourself in what you’re doing, then you know you’re on the right track. Also? Take your camera with you everywhere!

7. What is your favorite way to distribute our work (craft shows, online, galleries, etc…), and why?
Galleries are fun, you can meet the people who see your work for the first time face to face. You can eavesdrop on their conversations, hear the wonder as they describe something or try to figure out how you achieved such and such. It gives you a new found appreciation for pieces you have lived with for a long time. I also like the anonymity of online and the surprise later when you find out where your work is going. I recently sold over fifteen photographs in various sizes intended for a popular celebrity’s new home and I find myself checking every morning to see if there have been any tours of the place yet!

8. What are your five favorite blogs and/or websites?
Etsy, Flickr, Google maps, the weather network, I can has cheeseburger.

9. Favorite artist?
I simply cannot choose a favourite.

10. Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. And travelling. Travelling with chocolate!

Thanks for a wonderful profile, and for giving us such great eye candy this week, Tracey!


Tracey has generously offered TWO of her beautiful prints (one each to two separate winners...that means TWO chances to win!). The prize is the winner's choice of either a 10" x 10" or a 10" x 13" print of your choice from Tracey's Etsy shop.
(Doesn't have to be the ones you see here,,,,they are just a couple of my favs!)

- Go to Tracey's Etsy page. Find your very favorite item. 
After that, come on back and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite item was and why (the 'why' is the part we really look for when deciding on a winner... so be creative!).

You may enter only once. The contest is open until 4pm Pacific time on the Monday following the original feature (so it's open for about six days). Winners will be posted on Tuesday morning, along with the new featured artist's piece. If you have any questions, please contact me, not the artist. 

IMPORTANT: If you want to be contacted (if you are the winner), you need to leave your email address in your comment (I suggest spelling out the @(at) and the .(dot) to avoid spam from internet crawlers, or you may also leave your Etsy screen name, if applicable. If you don't leave either, you need to check back and contact me by the Friday following the contest ending to see of you won, and will need to email me (see Winner's Box in the upper right sidebar).

Bonus Entries- **You can earn an extra entry for each of the following: Follow my blog and/or follow me on Facebook. Both links are on the right-hand sidebar. Just make sure you note that you did these in your comment below!**

Please note: The winner is chosen by me and the featured artist based on your make 'em good! We make no claims that the selection is random:) It is between you and the featured artist to coordinate the getting of your loot. I make no personal guarantees about time-frame for delivery, value, or condition of the winning item.

~~~~~~~~~~ Last Week's Winner: Jingle! We hope your husband LOVES his gift! ~~~~~~~~~~


SNSpencer said...

Wow! Just Wow!! Those are some great captures of the world around us. If only everyone could see these spectacular sights in every day life. Ironically, we all can if we take the time to notice. My greatest appreciation of photographers is that they DO take the time to notice, and then they take the extra step to capture the vision to share with others.

As far as finding a favorite, that was not hard. I did not have to delve too deep into the listings to have my eye captured by one image in particular. “Tickle, Tickle” would be a favorite in our household as it is very “Tim Burton”ish. The colors, subject matter and angle of the image remind me of my favorite Tim Burton movie, which is all of them. I know my wife would proudly hang that one on our wall.

Tickle, Tickle -fine art nature photography print

Name - Jef Spencer
Email – SNSpencer at yahoo dot com
Etsy Screen Name – RefinedPallet - To become a fan.

Kathy said...

She's been in my treasuries since I discovered her. I LOVE the War of the Worlds photo. It's such a great capture of that sculpture and it makes me miss home. (I'm also from Ottawa, but I'm not there right now) I've spent a lot of time at the National Gallery. It's my own private hideaway, that I share with thousands of people every year... I love picnicking on the lawn - near that sculpture. And afterward heading to Wasabi for sushi, or to get a Beavertail in the market.
I miss it so much!

I'm mylittlegirlscloset at gmail

Anonymous said... is my favorite right the very second, but every time I go to Tracy's shop, I fall in love with something new! This is like a picture inside a picture! You get a gorgeous flower (and my favorite color - purple) and within is a nature made little face! It is so awesome!!

I followed the blog. I like you on FB. I will post this on my FB fanpage and tweet it.

Shop on Etsy is CreationsByEileen

Back Porch Smiles said...

They are all beautiful!! But my favorite is the dandelion! doesn't want to make a wish! Thank you!

etsy name: wallkatherine

Andrea Carolina said...

Fiery Autumn

I know that this photograph do not correspond a lot to the style of I Brake For Bokeh, a style more full of bokeh and bright light, but I still love this one from the others. Why? Some reasons: the first one is that red leaf floor, unreal. Two, is a photo more dark than illuminated, but not just dark in the sense of light, it has a dark feeling, but at the same time is beautiful and it has that bright sky that gives some kind of hope. This photo evokes to me my own feelings and the way that I am in deep, unconscious: dark, passionate (red) and looking up always searching for some kind of light for me.

Sharon said...

I absolutely love the pop of color in the Greedy Blue Jay print. I'm also a big animal fan and the seeds in his mouth are such a great detail!

yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

TopHat said...

I like the Queen of the Night Flower print. That purple was the main color at our wedding and I just love it.

hrfarley at gmail dot com

amberlee said...

Wow, small world. . . found the Etsy giveaway twitter list and decided to check it out. Just so happens that I saw one of my favorite photographers photos as the giveaway! Well of course I would like to win one. . . so I read through the article and looked at some of the other photos on the page. I then noticed a photo that was my inspiration for putting some of my photography on my Etsy. The photo "To pluck down justice from your awful bench" It was on some Ipod background app that I had. . .
this is the photo that it inspired!
Thanks so much for your etsy giveaways! Such a great program to help us out with starting our small businesses!

I would prefer:

Amber said...

SImply Blackberries is my favorite because they look so sweet and juicy! I have recently really revamped my diet and focused on local and organic foods. I go to the farmer's market every week now and recently the blackberries have been incredible. This would be perfect for hanging in my kitchen and reminding me how tasty healthy foods can be!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Nora said...

Wow! I have just started planning my wedding, and finally discovered etsy. Looking around the website, I saw Tracey's photography, and was immediately drawn to "Field of Poppies." I love the colors and the angle of the photograph. My first grade teacher was named, Poppy, so I've always loved the flowers!

gc762 at yahoo dot com

Ashley said...

I love the Wonderland print! We're in the process of buying our first house and so I have been looking for art to bring our new place alive. I am absolutely drawn to the pink in the picture (it doesn't help that it's my favorite color), but it's just such a serene picture. Not to mention, the story along with the print is captivating :)


kyliept said...

Wow, your work is beautiful! I'd choose this one:

Karen said...

Hydrangea, Snowneressness --

and two reasons why:
1. The name!
2. The colors are so beautiful! My husband and I just bought a house, and I've been totally overwhelmed with trying to decide paint colors and accent colors and all of it. This photo is so beautiful, and the colors would be gorgeous in my new living room.


Chani said...

Be still my heart - this is what reflects best my feelings at the moment. I had to say goodbye to a child and my heart is still bleeding.

Flowerleaf said...

It was super hard to choose a favorite because I have so many favorites, but this one made me take in a deep breath because it's just so gorgeous and I love the depth of all the cherry blossoms. I just really love Cherry Blossom trees in general and this photo is one that captures it in such a captivating way.

Etsy shop name: Flowerleaf

Claire said...

Tracey really does have a great eye for magical images. I don't know how anyone could visit her Etsy store and only chose 1 favorite, I can't do it. 'Be Still My Heart' is calling me the most though


Julie Deuvall said...

I have been trying to choose one print and it is so difficult. Tracey's work is stunning (I am a huge fan!) and I am so excited for a chance to win.

Thank you! julie[at]suchaprettydress[dot]com

Malarie said...

Tracey has some of my favorite photography on Etsy, and I mean that!

This is my all-time fav, though:

I also "liked" you on Facebook :D

itsastitch at! gmail dot com

JarosDesigns said...

Tracey's work inspires me. She has an incredible eye for texture and light - I am always amazed at her shots.

My favorite shot is The Way Home

It reminds me of walking home from school on a late autumn day. A chill in the air, the light rapidly fading, but the glow of the sunset warming my fingers. I can see my breath as the air cools and smell snow that's sure to come.

Thank you! jarosdesigns[at]

CarolineB said...

Oh how can I pick just one? They are all absolutely beautiful.

I really love the Pacific Wheel at Sunset photo. I love the vintage vibe. It also evokes some lovely childhood memories of fairgrounds and warm summer evenings :-)

carbar79 at gmail dot com

Cabootique said...

I really love Wonderland. (I featured it on my blog here a few days ago The colors are breathtaking and it makes me feel like I'm walking through some magical, beautiful place.


Dovile said...

It's been very difficult to choose just one, because the photos are so incredibly beautiful, but I've picked the 'Lavender fields forever' print as my favorite:

I love the colors and the shine in this picture, and how they all blend into something like out of a dream. It's like a captured moment of total peace: it makes me want to look at it forever.

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

Dovile said...

I'm now following your blog via GFC

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

Shawna said...

(Take two: my first comment got eaten...)

I love all of Tracey's work, but if I were going to pick one to own I think it would be Santa Maria.

I love how architectural and calm it is, and even though it looks very old-world I could see it looking great in a modern d├ęcor setting. Plus it's completely different from my images, so it would add some variety to my walls.

Etsy screen name: shawnacameron

very married said...


i adore this. I live in NYC and I think this really represents daily life here. You focus on the minute day to day but if you shifted focus you'd see how great a city we live in. but rarely do we actually do it...

Lorin Dixon said...

I have to say, I really am glad I looked in your shop! I found so many amazing photographs that evoke so much feeling- and all different ones!
I would have to say that my favorite is
Fiery Autumn for the quiet strength I feel from in it. I don't know what the difference in finishes of paper makes in this particular piece, but I chose non metallic.
To me , it looks like the end of a perfect autumn day, quiet, brisk, on the way home to cozy up, and promises of the flurry of autumn activities and holidays to come dancing in the back of your mind.
Being a readhead, i may favor autumn pieces more. I did really consider Magnolia Dreams 2, but couldn't shake the feeling that Fiery Autumn has left me with.


Caitlin said...

I love "Tickle, tickle," the picture of the moon surrounded by tree branches. Not only do I love the deep purple of the sky, but also the tree's silhouette, and the title shows the sweet imagination of the Tracey's photography.

My two cents :)

thepaperbutterfly (at)

Mary said...

I'm a huge fan and follow Tracey's work both on flickr and etsy! It's hard to pick one favorite- but I have to say I've never seen anything as funny and unique as the Greedy Bluejay. It's difficult enough to capture a bird so beautifully, but the outline of his food and the expression mixed with the title tells a humorous story, one that I enjoy reliving over and over! I follow your blog as well.
marytheona (at) gmail (dot) com
-Mary V

TheSharpTeethOfLove said...

So hard to choose just one of these gorgeous images. I think Wonderland is my favorite. It has an airy, magical, other-worldly feel. It reminds me of the innocent forest in the movie Legend- where pink blossoms perpetually fall and unicorns frolic.

Catherine said...

While I'm quite smitten by all of the florals {the True Blue is quite stunning!}, the bench photo has to be my favorite. Or more accurately, "To pluck down justice from your awful bench" gets my top award. I've been on a "slow it down, you move too fast" kick lately and I think that seeing that bench every day would remind me to find a little time to take it easy...maybe sit out that next household duty and enjoy the little stuff.

Lovely, lovely shop!

catherineh_78 AT

Melissa said...

I love the A Fine Art Travel Carnival Photography Print of California - Pacific Wheel at Sunset 10x10 because it reminds me of fun summers at the amusement park. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

Nature Manipulated said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nature Manipulated said...

This isn't fair! Everyone is my favorite. One that I really like is Field of Poppies, although if I won, I think I would pick the Blueberries for my kitchen.

I really like Field of Poppies because the little red buds add the perfect, subtle pop to an otherwise serene photograph. I really like nature close-ups and especially ones that capture the (im)perfect lines of nature.

naturemanipulated AT hotmail DOT com

Becca said...

All the photos are GORGEOUS so it was hard to choose but I think I'm going to have to go with this one: because the colors are simply gorgeous! The turquoise blue, scarlet and ivory colors just make the image POP.

Etsy username: RogueMagnolia

AmbreRose said...

Wow this is some beautiful work! I love the colors in the Cambridge Dreams. You have a wonderful eye with color. ambrerose(!at)

sparklingsisters said...

Tracey's work is absolutely breath-taking. I happened upon her work today while searching for a maple leaf to use for Canada Day. Then she told me about this blog and I'm thinking...I know ZipandRuth! I just hadn't gotten to Illana's blog yet this week to check and see who was featured. How cool! Small world!

It was extremely difficult to pick a favorite but I'll stick with the maple leaf I found today. Autumn's red is just gorgeous!

E-mail: SparklingSisters at Surewest dot net
Shop: SparklingSisters
Facebook - Please become a fan:

oZen said...

"Symphony of spring" is my favorite. It's like being in the grass, eyes half closed and the mind traveling. I love the way you get transmit feelings through your photographs. The proximity of the point of view, the scattering through the petals, the glow behind. I could have take that photograph with my eye (witch I love to do. One eye open, the other closed I imagine compositions) so natural and relax. In the same time there's a touch of melancholia with that sun setting. Precisely the kind of graphic place where I let my mind go. A good therapy.

Excuse the approximate fuzzy funky english of a french guy who never really loved the school... o_O


Hopping I'll have the chance to admire this so poetic picture at home on true crystal paper with the true sunlight hitting it.

elaine r said...

Beautiful work! I love the Simply Strawberries photo with the crisp and clean contrast between the red strawberries and the white bowl.The photo makes you hungry for strawberries and would look beautiful in the kitchen.

Elaine R

Egle said...

I would choose the Blueberry Stack. I love rows, stacks, lines etc.

I once tried to take an upside down picture of 6 big tangerines in a row and one small tangerine outside the line. I called the photo "Special". The small tangerine looked like a left out kid.
Your blueberry stack just reminded me of that picture.

Egle said...

Sorry, I forgot to add my contact to the previous post:

I would choose the Blueberry Stack. I love rows, stacks, lines etc.

I once tried to take an upside down picture of 6 big tangerines in a row and one small tangerine outside the line. I called the photo "Special". The small tangerine looked like a left out kid.
Your blueberry stack just reminded me of that picture.

Egle said...

I love purple and citrus. It has some waterlilies in the picture. I love waterlilies because they look good only when they are in their natural environment. If you cut it to bring home it will die very quickly. This photo shows this amazing flower in its natural envirnment and it looks just magical.


@ByHandGiveaways said...

So beautiful, love the although there were a LOT i loved

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com

justanothersoprano said...

I love the Fiery Autumn photo!

It was a hard choice but my husband and I looked through your work and loved it. Fall is our favorite season, we run a haunted house and were married in fall so it just perfectly shows our favorite time of year in a whimsical way!

katie6411 at hotmail dot com

Jenny Bolech said...

I love the goldfinch among the maple buds print! The pop of yellow makes it such a unique and interesting photo (plus it reminds me of the state reports I did in second grade - did you know the state bird of Iowa is the goldfinch :P) Plus the red would make it look fantastic in my living room ☺

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Kristen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blueberry stack, a fine art food photography print (8x8). I love blueberries! And I love photography and that photo is Wonderful!!!!

kristenlaudick at yahoo dot com

illana Burk said...

Thanks all! Entries are now closed.