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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tutorial: Super easy outdoor rug!

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, and the throngs of BBQ's that come with it, I wanted to highlight a really awesome and easy way to spruce up your outdoor space for that lovely time when everyone arrives and oooohs and aaaaaahs at your lovely spread and domestic prowess, shortly before they find the beer fridge and later decide that it's a good idea to set off fire works into the neighbor's yard.

I really like this tutorial because you could really do it with any hearty fabric. If burlap isn't around, try artist's canvas (easily found at most art supply stores for pretty cheap), or even better, if you know of a local coffee roaster, ask them for a few old burlap bags, they can be lashed together with simple twine, will easily hold paint, and are way free and eco-friendly!

This tutorial comes courtesy of Katie Steuernagle and Carrie McBride of Please check out their full tutorial and WAY easy instructions here:

• burlap
• acrylic paint
• painters tape or stencils
• clear acrylic caulk
Step 1: Spread out your burlap ( has an awesome selection of colors) and decide how you'd like to decorate it. You can use stencils, tape off stripes with painters tape, or freehand it. We laid out some paper squares to try to get the spacing right. More....


Jenn said...

That's it, I'm quitting my job so I an just play around being handy and creative all the live long day. That's the ticket!

illana Burk said...

Amen sister! .....oh wait, that's what I did! lol:)