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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slaying the sewing beast.

I wrote a post a while back about how I'm afraid of my new industrial sewing machine... and thought I should give everyone an update.

So, uh....Yup, still afraid of my sewing machine. Only I have a plan to conquer the beast. I will (drum-roll please): MOVE IT TO ANOTHER ROOM!
That will so work, right? First, I will carefully lure it out of my boyfriend's office (I'm convinced that it's uncomfortable among all the boy-ness)...tempting it with little bits of canvas and suede. Then...I will gently coax it into my studio (and by coax I mean find four strong guys to move the damn thing. It weighs a freakin' TON) where it can live and frolic among the beads and French ear hooks.

Wish me luck!


heels said...

Maybe you could try finding someone in real life to give you a few tips. I don't know if Margo Thomas is up to it, but she's made her living off of using those machines.

illana Burk said...

Yeah, I actually know quite a few people that use them. My fears aren't lack of knowledge...More like lack of Have you seen how fast these freakin' things sew?!?! Everyone keeps telling me never to use it when I'm tired... every time I think I'm ready, I start worrying that my eyes feel a little fuzzy. Really, I'm just being a wimp. I'll get over it soon, I'm sure.

jubilantwares said...

I just wish i could do more than just pull out my sewing machine right before my mom comes to visit and attempt to sew a little to show her that I am really trying...not working out very well so

Lorin Dixon said...

Its so funny how some of us are afraid of them. For me its a 2 parter- the cutting of the fabric and committing to what you are cutting AND sewing thru your finger.