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Monday, June 21, 2010

Ralph Hinkley made me do it.

I just saw the A-Team. My boyfriend and I played hooky for the afternoon and played video games in the arcade while we waited an extra hour and a half just to see it on the BIGGER screen. Yup, there is totally a twelve-year-old boy inside me somewhere. I blame Greatest American Hero, Superman, and Voyagers. As a child of the 80's there were really not that many shows for girls that didn't suck. I mean who really wanted to be Smurfette. And I KNOW you you didn't want to be Jem...or any of her stupid Holograms. I wanted to strap on the tights and save the world... and Wonderwoman's outfit just seemed silly to me. So off I went to play in superhero-land with the boys.

What's the point you ask? How is this related to craftyness you ponder? While my lovely readers.... wanting to be a superhero made me want to kick ass in whatever I do. I call it super-overachieving. Wait...that sounded like something I should get therapy for... back up.....

I think about the heroes of the world a lot. Real and fantastic (I refuse to say imagin*ry). I think heroes are a pretty good thing to fixate on when everything seems hard and the whole world seems to be crashing in on you; think about it, they are uncompromising, driven, fearless. That definitely doesn't suck.

And by the way, the A-Team was KICK ASS!

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