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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Total Strangers RULE!!!!

I had my first sale to a total stranger today! I can’t even describe how awesome that feels! I mean, I have sold lots of goodies to people I didn’t know, but only in person at craft shows, etc…. This was the first time that the wonders of the Internet actually materialized before me. How amazing is that…. in a few short days a lovely lady in Connecticut will be wearing a ring that I made?!? I know that my wonderful friends have been amazing and supportive and have bought things from me, but it just feels so much sweeter somehow when it is a totally objective person saying, “I totally dig what you do….enough to give you my money.” It’s like the difference between Brad Pitt telling you you’re pretty and your mom telling you your pretty.

So…. thank you kind stranger lady, enjoy your magic mushroom ring…. and friends, you know I love you even more than I love stranger lady!

Etsy RULES!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's a great feeling isn't it? I always get a little "what? for real?".

(And I know it *looks* like I'm being crazy strange lady commenting on everything.... I don't mean to be, I'll stop shortly, I'm enjoying reading your blog!)

illana Burk said... worries! I like a little crazy:)