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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Learn by doing, or do by learning......uhhhhhh?

So I am pondering this fundamental question.... is it better to jump into something new with both feet.... or to prepare you toosh off and wait for the right moment. How do you know how to recognize the difference between having a healthy dose of patience and a prudent sense of planning, and when you are just procrastinating out of fear?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. You have spoken what I have been thinking for weeks now (well months and months if I'm honest) and I finally bit the bullet and stopped procrastinating and listed my stuff in my etsy shop on Friday and had my first sale last night. I was totally procrastinating out of fear, fear of failure. For me, I knew weeks ago that I was telling everyone else it was supplies issues (which was true but I still could have gotten it off the ground) but I was too scared to do it so finding excuses to just not take the plunge.
I think you need to jump when you have an idea of where you want to go, but before you have the chance to get scared.
Whatever you are pondering, hope you find your answer. :)

illana Burk said...

Thanks Cloud! And congrats on a fast sale!!! What's you Etsy link? I tried to find it in your blog, but it looks like the link you installed in your May 28th post is broken.

Anonymous said...

Gaah! Thanks for the heads up. It's

I found your blog via a thread in the forums on etsy...I have read so many in the last few weeks that I forget which one, but I think you were saying you left wordpress for blogger...?

illana Burk said...

Yup...I was just fed up with the learning curve. I consider myself pretty savvy (re-wrote nearly all the code for this one)....but I just never felt like I could get Wordpress to do what I wanted it to do without hours of trying to figure it out. Blogger has improved by leaps and bounds recently and has been WAY more intuitive. Maybe Wordpress just doesn't think like I do. All I know is I wish I would have jumped ship a long time ago! So far I haven't tried to do something that it wouldn't do. yay!