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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Hate Photos.

I have officially taken about a million photos of my work for my Etsy page. I’m not actually sure at this point if I hate the camera, or if the camera hates me. So, in rebellion…I decided to stop obsessing about the prefect pics and just go make something. However, frustrated, angry crafting is generally not the best idea….but in the moment it felt right. I, of course made the worlds UGLIEST necklace. It will only exist to serve as a reminder that happy crafting is good crafting. Also, it is apparently a lesson in the fact that they can’t always be winners…

….and purple seed beads rarely result in artistic genius.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, last comment I promise... I know exactly what you mean! The only thing I have learnt is just don't bother if you *know* the light is crap, don't stress if you can't get them done that day (You know how you go "It's photo day today! Must get them listed!" and that there is always something else that can be done instead of beating yourself up about crap pics. What sort of camera do you have? I have a very sad P&S but it almost does the trick. For what it's worth, I think your photos are pretty great!